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    Once you have added a product, you may want to edit it in future. For example, update pricing, add more images or add variants of the product if you are on the appropriate subscription plan.

    Editing a product is much the same as adding a product – follow the steps below for guidance.

    From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Products’ menu item in the left hand navigation and select the first option ‘Search products’.

    Search for an existing product

    Search for the product you want to edit by entering the

    • Product name
    • Product number (SKU)
    • Or Category
    • Check the Sale box if you’re editing a product on sale
    • Select the product you wish to edit by clicking on the Product name or Product number (SKU)

    Click here for a reminder on how to search for products.

    Edit an existing product

    Once you have selected the product you want to edit, click in any of the fields to update the information as required.

    Editing product summary and details

    In the ‘About this product’ section, you will find two fields where you can enter information about your product: ‘Product summary’ and ‘Product detail’. Click in either field to begin editing the text:

    • You can use the editing tools to edit the appearance of your text
      • Simply highlight the text you want to change
      • Click on one of the editing icons
      • Changes will be applied to your text
    • In this example, we’ve made ‘PRODUCT DETAILS’ bold, indented the text underneath it to the right and made the ‘Check tag on bear for instructions’ italic
    • Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button on the bottom right of the screen!

    Change product images

    Little Big Shop allows you to add 5 product images. You can remove, replace or add new images.

    Replace a product image

    To replace a product image

    • Click on the image you wish to replace
    • A toolbox will appear
    • Select the first option: ‘Replace’
    • Then click on the ‘Drop image’ section to upload an image, or you can also drag an image straight into the ‘Drop Image’ box.
    • Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the screen

    Delete a product image

    • To delete a product image, click on the image and select the rubbish can icon
    • Your image will be deleted
    • Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the screen

    Edit product categories

    To add a new category and assign it to your product:

    • Go to the product in admin view and go to ‘Categories’
    • Type the new category into the field below (in this example our new category is ‘Teddy Bears’)
    • Select the ‘Add’ button to the right
    • Your new category will appear in the box underneath ‘Please select a category’

    To assign this new category to a product

    • Click on the category – you will know it has been selected when it turns blue
    • Click save on the top right of the page to save your changes

    Check out our help page Managing categories for more information on product categories.

    Include additional Shipping costs

    You have the option to add extra shipping costs to individual products

    • Navigate to ‘Product specific shipping’
    • Select ‘Free Shipping for this product’ if this product has free shipping.
    • Select ‘Additional Shipping’ if the product has extra shipping costs, like for larger or bulkier items. Enter the extra cost in the field below.
    • Select ‘Product weight’ if you have set up weight based shipping and enter the product’s weight in the field below.

    Visit the ‘Shipping’ help page to learn more about setting up shipping for your shop.