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    * NOTE: The Inventory and Product variants features are only available to customers on the Little or Big subscription plans *

    For those of you on the Little or Big subscription plans, you have the ability to track your inventory, as well as add product variants such as different colours or sizes for your product.
    First of all, you will need to navigate to ‘Products’ in the menu.

    To enable stock tracking and product variants for a particular product, follow the below path:

    • Click ‘Add product’ or
    • Search for an existing product
    • On the ‘Add product’ or ‘Edit product’ page, scroll down towards the bottom right of the screen
    • You will see the ‘Inventory’ panel’.
    • on the top right of the price section you will ‘Product variants’ feature.

    Track your inventory

    If you would like to track how much stock you have left for a particular product:

    • Go to ‘Inventory’
    • Click the toggle on the top right section to activate or deactivate your feature
    • Enter the amount of stock for this product in this field
    • If you would like your customers to know how much stock you have, check the ‘Display current quantity to customers’ box
    • If you would like to allow pre-orders, even if the product is coming soon or currently out of stock, check the second box
    • Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right of the screen

    Add product variants

    Some of your products may have different sizes available or colours, or any number of variations. You can choose to add them each as separate products, but for easier management, you can add product variants.

    • Navigate to the box called ‘Product variants’
    • Click the toggle on the top right section to activate your feature
    • The panel will expand as per the following image
    • Enter the ‘Option name’ such as Colour, Size etc
    • Enter the ‘Values for this option’ by typing them into the box e.g. Small, Medium, Large (separate each value with a comma)

    A table will appear underneath with all the options available.
    You can edit the following per variant:

    • Check the box to ensure the variant is available on the shop (unchecking the box removes it from the shop)
    • Price
    • Sale price
    • Member price (N.B. ‘Membership’ is only available to those subscribed to the Big plan. If you are not on this plan and haven’t activated this feature, the Member price column will not appear)
    • SKU (if you leave the SKU fields blank, Little Big Shop will automatically assign one to each variant)
    • Barcode
    • Stock Qty

    Update stock levels

    As you restock your product, you will need to make changes in the admin side of your shop to reflect the new stock levels.

    If your product does not have variants:

    • Go to the product in admin
    • Navigate to the ‘Inventory’ section and add the stock quantity that has been added (e.g. 50)

    To update stock levels for a product with variants:

    • Navigate to ‘Product variants’
    • Go to the ‘Stock Qty’ column
    • Update the stock quantity for each variant (in this example there is 50 for each)

    If your shop is connected to a warehouse and you re-stock a lot of products at once:

    • Go to ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Fulfilment’
    • Select the PMA warehouse
    • Click the re-sync button to update all the SKU’s at once from PMA