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    Little Big Shop allows you to create product categories and subcategories.
    To create or manage these, navigate to the ‘Products’ menu item and select the ‘Manage categories’ tab.

    Add a category

    If you have already added products, you will see your current categories. If not, you can select the ‘Add Category’ button in the top right.

    • The ‘Add Category’ box will appear
    • Enter the name of the Category and select ‘Add’
    • The category you added will appear in the list

    Add a subcategory

    To add a subcategory:

    • Click on ‘Subcategory’
    • The ‘Add category’ box will once again appear
    • Enter the name of your subcategory.
    • Click the ‘Add’ button
    • Your subcategory will appear under the main category

    Edit your categories

    To edit your categories, select the edit icon. Make the necessary changes then select ‘Update’ to apply your changes.

    Delete your categories

    • To delete a category or subcategory, select the rubbish can icon.
    • A message will appear asking you if you are sure you want to delete.
    • Select OK if you wish to proceed.

    Re-arrange your categories

    You can use this tool to rearrange your categories by simply dragging and dropping them.