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    Your products are any item that you offer for sale – whether they are goods, services, digital downloads or giftcards.

    Products in general have common information that you need to include before they are added to your shop. These include price, description, shipping information and images, as well as organise them into categories.

    Depending on your subscription plan, you will be able to add variants for those products that have extra options such as colour or size.

    Follow the steps below to learn how to add a product in your Little Big Shop admin console.

    Add your first product

    From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Products’ menu item in the left hand navigation.

    Select the second option ‘Add Product’

    Enter your product information

    In this page you will enter all the information about your product.

    • Product name will  appear on the initial shop page, the catalogue view, along with the ‘Product price/RRP’ and main image.

    Add product images

    • You can add up to 5 images of your product to display in the product detail page.
    • The largest image is the featured image and will appear in the shop’s catalogue view.
    • Click on the image placeholder to bring up the image edit functions.
    • Click on the ‘Replace’ option.
    • Then click on the ‘Drop image’ section to upload an image, or you can also drag an image straight into the ‘Drop Image’ box.

    Price and Product number / SKU

    • ‘Product price / RRP’ is the price that is shown in your shop. 
    • ‘Discount / sale price’ – only enter an amount here if you want this price displayed. The sale price will override the original product price.
    • ‘Product number / SKU’ – sometimes known as a product code, differentiates this product from the other products in your store.

    Product variant

    Check out the help page ‘Inventory and Product Variants’ to find out how to add variants to your product.

    Product summary and Product detail

    In the ‘About this product’ section you will be able to add more information about your product.

    • Product summary: your summary will appear in the catalogue view of your shop, so we recommend you make it as short as possible. You can use the formatting options at the top of this field to make your text stand out.
    • Product detail: this is where you can go into detail with describing your product. There are advanced formatting options here.

    Product Categories

    Organise your products into categories and subcategories.

    • You can add a category directly from this page by typing in a category name and then clicking on ‘Add’. You can also manage categories and create subcategories via the ‘Manage Categories’ tab in ‘Products’.
    • Once you’ve added a category, select the category the product belongs to in the box.
    • You can select multiple categories by holding your ‘Shift’ or ‘Command’ key.
    • The product will appear under this category in your shop.

    Check out the help page ‘Managing Categories’ to learn more about managing product categories.


    If you have not registered for GST (in Settings > Shop details), GST will not be applied to your products.

    If you have registered for GST, it will automatically be applied to your products. If you do not want to apply GST/Tax to a product, check the box that says ‘This product is GST/Tax free.’

    Product specific shipping

    This section is applicable to products that have specific shipping rules.

    • Select ‘Free Shipping for this product’ if this product has free shipping.
    • Select ‘Additional Shipping’ if the product has extra shipping costs, like for larger or bulkier items. Enter the extra cost in the field below.
    • Select ‘Product weight’ if you have set up weight based shipping and enter the product’s weight in the field below.

    Visit the ‘Shipping’ help page to learn more about setting up shipping for your shop.


    Check out the help page ‘Inventory and Product Variants’ to learn more about updating product inventory.

    Import products

    The fourth tab in the products menu is ‘Import products.’ This feature will help you bulk upload products to your Little Big Shop using a template.

    To do this:

    • In Step 1. click the ‘Download Template’ to download the excel file template
    • Populate the fields in the template with your product information
    • In Step 2. click ‘Choose file’ to upload the template and click ‘Upload’ to load the products into your shop