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One of the features that Little Big Shop offers your customers is the ability to create a secure account with your shop, streamlining their experience every time they visit your store whilst building your customer database.

Create an account

We’ve made it simple for your customers to access and keep track of their purchase history, tweak their preferences and update their information.

With this feature, customers will be able to quickly and easily purchase their favourite items from your store, as well as easily access past orders and check their invoices.

A faster checkout experience

In addition, create an account feature also helps to reduce checkout time by pre-populating customer information on checkout page. This allows customers to enter their address and contact details only once and saves them time during subsequent purchases. This feature helps to create a more convenient purchasing experience for customers and encourages them to come back to your store more often.

Option to subscribe to your news and promotions

The create an account feature also provides customers with the option to subscribe to your store’s news and promotions. This allows customers to stay informed about any new products, discounts and offers available to them. With the ability to quickly and easily access the latest news and promotions, customers are more likely to return to your store to purchase their items.

View past orders and download invoices

Furthermore, customers can also view their past orders and download invoices for their records. This is especially useful for customers who might want to check on their past orders or track their spending in your store. With this information readily available, customers can be confident that they are getting the best value for their money when shopping at your store.


How can customers setup accounts and update their information?

A customer of your shop can create an account during the checkout process, or by clicking the Login | Register link at the top left of the screen. Alternatively, if they have already created an account, they just enter their email and password and click on the ‘Login’ button.

Once logged in, a customer can view their account information by clicking on the user icon in the top left. A dropdown will appear with a link to ‘My profile’ and ‘Order History’, as well as the ability to log out of their account.

Under my profile, a customer can edit contact information, change their password and update marketing preferences.

The customer can view their order history and obtain a copy of their invoice.

Is Little Big Shop secure?

We have a secure checkout feature where you can accept and process orders with a secure shopping cart using SSL technology.

What customer information can be captured?

Your Little Big Shop can capture key information including contact information, B2B customer information such as ABN, address, memberships and product purchases.

Can I promote offers and discounts to customers?

Absolutely, we have our promotions area where you can develop discounts for any products you like, including creating coupon codes. Additionally you can also create ‘Free Shipping’ and develop bundles in the products area. All of these can be promoted to your customer database.

Can I develop automation with my Little Big Shop into other systems?

Yes you can. With our Big Plan you can export data via a csv file and essentially use a third party tool such as Zapier to develop further automation to your desired system(s) based on the uploading of your most recent csv. We’re always improving our software and be providing more options here in the future.

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