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Our fulfilment services can include the storing, packaging and shipping of items for you. The Fulfilment feature allows you to integrate your shop with one or many third party warehouses. This option is available to Little Big Shop customers subscribed to the Big plan.

Fulfilment by product

When you turn on ‘Fulfillment,’ adding or editing a product becomes even easier. You’ll see a ‘Fulfillment’ section where you can choose if you want one of your warehouses to handle a particular product.

If your shop uses a fulfillment service for its products, you can set it up right here – it’s super convenient. Once someone places an order, and if the item is connected to this warehouse, the order details are sent smoothly to the warehouse system. And don’t worry, your warehouse will quickly update its inventory to match the new order info.


Integrate with multiple third-party warehouses

You have the flexibility to integrate your shop with not just one, but multiple third-party warehouses when using Little Big Shop.

Keep track of your warehouses

Little Big Shop simplifies the task of managing third-party warehouses. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, keeping track of multiple warehouses has never been easier. Whether you’re integrating one or several warehouses with your shop, we offer a clear and organised Warehouse list, making it effortless to monitor their status, details, and mappings.

Link products to a warehouse.

When using Little Big Shop, the process of assigning a warehouse for product fulfillment is straightforward. At the product level, you simply need to access the product page in the admin interface, click on the ‘Fulfillment’ toggle, and then select the appropriate warehouse.

set up your warehouse integration


How do you setup fulfilment?

You will need to have the ‘Fulfilment’ feature activated and set up in Settings first. When you activate this feature, the link to ‘Fulfilment’ will appear in your left hand navigation. To read more on how to set up Fulfilment, see this article.

What information do I need to setup a warehouse?

To integrate your shop with a warehouse, you will need the following information:

  • Warehouse Name
  • API endpoint for Order
  • API endpoint for Stock
  • API Username
  • API Password

To add this information:

  • Click the ‘Add warehouse’ button
  • An ‘Add warehouse’ form will display
  • Enter the relevant information
  • Click on the ‘Save and continue’ button to save and connect your shop to the nominated warehouse

Do I need to map my information with a warehouse?

Yes. If you add a warehouse, you will need to fill out the ‘Field mapping’ form, which matches the fields in your Little Big Shop with the warehouse’s.

Here, you will map the fields in Little Big Shop to the corresponding warehouse fields.

  • Update the relevant fields where the field name is different for the warehouse compared to the Little Big Shop field
  • Once you are done, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the form

Once you successfully connect your store to a warehouse, the warehouse will appear in the ‘Warehouse List’ section (with type Warehouse).

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