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and inventory

Little Big Shops allows you to showcase your products in a simple, elegant and responsive online store, track your stock with our Inventory support and create different variations of your products such as size or colours.


You can easily add a product name, summary and detailed description and up to five images, including a featured image. Each product can be assigned a product number or SKU (stock keeping unit).


There are many options with pricing including inputting a product price / RRP, discounted / sale price and member discount price (big plan). You also have the option to make a product GST free

Product variants

Product variants are available on Little and Big plans, you can add up to 2 variants for each product. Each variant requires an option name and values. Additionally you can add images for each variant.


Products can be made available to members only or to your entire store. The choice is yours!

Categories and Subcategories

You can create, edit and rearrange categories and subcategories to ‘categorise’ your products. Having your products segmented also allows you to easily develop cross-sell and up-sell products and to target these to you customer database based on purchase history.

Product specific shipping

Assign product require specific shipping including any of the following options: free Shipping for this product, additional shipping, product weight (for weight based shipping).

Inventory & Fulfilment

The inventory option allows you to include stock quantity of product, display current stock quantity in shop, allow pre-orders for coming soon or out of stock item.  Additionally with fulfilment you can choose a warehouse the product will be fulfilled at.

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