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Advanced user

Depending on your chosen plan, your Little Big Shop offers the flexibility to allocate roles and permissions to anywhere from two, up to an unlimited number of users, accommodating diverse team sizes and operational needs.

Maintain your site security

By assigning roles and permissions, you can decide who gets to see important stuff and do specific tasks on your website. This helps keep your data safe and makes sure only the right people can access certain parts. It’s like giving keys to different rooms in your house — you control who can go where, making sure everything stays secure and organised.

Collaborate easily and effectively

Assigning roles and permissions makes it easier for teams to collaborate and work together on a website, by clearly defining who is responsible for what.

User scalability

As your business grows, you can add new users and assign them the appropriate roles and permissions, making it easier to manage your website and support your business goals.

User accountability

Assigning roles and permissions helps to ensure accountability and makes it easier to track changes and activity on your website.


Why is user access management important?

By clearly defining who can access what on your website, you can ensure that your data and resources are protected and that your website supports your business goals.

What are the different role types?

You can allow a user to be an Admin or Content Manager. An Admin has complete control over your Little Big Shop, whereas a Content Manager has access to:

  • Website and Branding
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Analytics & Social

How many users can I have on my website?

Currently our Startup plan starts with 2 users, our Little plan has 5 users and our Unlimited plan allows for unlimited users!

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