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Little Big Shop is the simplest and easiest way to create an online shop and start making sales, by providing you with various tools, we help you to set up and get your business up and running quickly.

Online store marketing

Little Big Shop provides multiple channels for online store marketing including SEO for eCommerce, promotions, customer relationship management and social media.

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online marketing

eCommerce analytics

Little Big Shop provides analytics to discover and understand your customers behaviours and how to get them best to convert…

Customer management

One of the features that Little Big Shop offers your customers is the ability to create an account with your shop and register for online memberships.

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Products and inventory

Little Big Shops allows you to showcase your products in a simple, elegant and responsive online store, track your stock with our Inventory support and create different variations of your products such as size or colours.

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Payments and shipping

Little Big Shop offers you a variety of ways to accept payments from your customers, and there is no limit to the payment options you can choose.

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Order management

Little Big Shop offers an “Orders” section which helps you to manage your orders by monitoring all the new orders that come in, as well as search for any order based on different search criteria.

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