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Hobbies are great, but a money making side hustle is even better!

Many people pursue a hobby to fill spare time, get creative and develop new skills. As hobbies often involve producing something, it’s not uncommon for some to start selling their handmade goods and in turn, generate some extra income. Whether it be selling your products or services at the local markets, or online, there are so many possibilities when it comes to taking up a money making side hustle!

Read on to find out about five exciting hobbies you can take up and maybe even start an online business!


There’s nothing better than receiving a hamper in the mail as a gift and this is a fantastic money making side hustle. There are hampers you can create for just about any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, a baby being born and even corporate gifting. Hampers can include self-care products like bath bombs and tea, homewares, champagne, snacks, candles, notebooks, and accessories like beanies or scarves.

Handmade crafts

If you have a creative streak, consider turning your passion for crafting into a side hustle. During the winter season, create winter goods that will keep your customers warm, like gloves, scarves, beanies and blankets. Hand making jewellery, candles and home décor such as macrame are fantastic options for any season. Set up your own Little Big Shop to showcase and sell your unique creations to your online audience and start making money from home!

If you’re stuck on how to make unique handmade crafts, read our blog post on adding a personal touch to your products!


This hobby is a money making side hustle that sounds good, and tastes even better. You can take up baking to experiment with new recipes, perfect your culinary techniques, or create delicious treats like cookies, macaroons or cakes. Consider starting a food blog, offering custom orders for special occasions, or hosting online cooking classes to share your gastronomic expertise.


Selling paintings online offers artists a convenient way to start cultivating their hobbies into a second income. By creating an ecommerce site with all your products and services, you will be able to reach a wide audience of art enthusiasts. Consider selling one off pieces, or a limited amount of prints of your most popular artworks. You could even allow your customers to commission your talents and paint them an art piece of their choice!

Blogging or freelance writing

Want to perfect writing skills? Show others your talents by starting a blog to share your thoughts, experiences and expertise on a specific niche. Alternatively, you can try freelance writing which allows you to turn your words into income by writing articles, blogs posts, or even copy for businesses. Unleash your creativity and let your words soar.

There’s always a hobby waiting for you to explore – so why not take up one of these money making side hustles, and start making some extra cash!

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