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    Once you’ve set up your shop by adding products and choosing how you would like to get paid, you can start accepting orders! The ‘Orders’ section in admin helps you to manage your orders by monitoring all the new orders that come in, as well as search for any order based on different search criteria.

    From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Orders’ menu item in the left hand navigation. Note: Your orders can also be accessed directly from the Dashboard, by clicking on:

    • Open orders
    • This week’s orders

    Search orders

    We’ve given you the ability to search your orders via the following filters:

    • Order number: enter the exact order number to return a result
    • Customer name: entering part of a name will return matching results
    • Email: you can enter part or the full email address to return results
    • Status: search by New, Dispatched, Cancelled, Returned/refunded or Archived orders
    • Purchase date: enter a date range of when a purchase was made

    If you don’t enter any search criteria above and click on ‘Search’, the results will return all orders that have been made.

    Search results

    Once you’ve entered some search criteria above (or not, if you’re searching all orders) and click the ‘Search’ button, a table of matching results will appear below.

    • Search: this is a universal search that returns results for anything that matches what you’ve entered
    • 10 rows: click on this dropdown to change the amount of rows that will display in your search results
    • Table headings: click on the arrows next to the table headings to sort by ascending or descending order
    • Order number: Click on the order number to go into the detail of the order
    • Customer name
    • Total: the total dollar amount of the order
    • Paid: specifies which if an order has been paid or remains unpaid
    • Invoice: clicking on the PDF icon will take you to a copy of the order invoice that was sent to the customer

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