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    * NOTE: This feature is only available to shops that are subscribed to the Big plan. *

    The ‘Customers’ menu item on your admin dashboard is Little Big Shop’s built in CRM. Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) assists you with managing your customer data, such as their marketing preferences, membership details as well as order history and contact information.

    When a customer makes a purchase from your shop and enters their details, they are automatically added to your customer list.

    From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Customers’ menu item in the left hand navigation and select ‘Search customers’

    Search for a customer

    You can search for customers via the following filters:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Marketing preference: Selecting this will list the customers who have either said ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to direct marketing
    • Membership number: Searching on a membership number will list all the customers assigned to that number.
      * Note, this will only display if you are on the Big plan and have activated membership *
    • Membership status: You can search for a member based on the following statuses: ACTIVE or EXPIRED.
      * Note, this will only display if you are on the Big plan and have activated membership *
    • ABN: You can search for a member by their ABN.
      * Note, this will only display if you are on the Big plan and have activated the Business to Business feature *

    The more information you enter in the search fields, the more specific your results will be (Note: clicking on the ‘Search’ button without selecting search criteria will return a list of all customers in the database).

    Once you click ‘Search’ a table of matching results will display below.

    Click the ‘Export search results’ button to the right to export the results to an .xls file.

    You can access a customer’s profile by clicking their Customer ID in the left hand column.

    Customer profile

    This screen gives you the ability to view and update the following information:

    • Profile: First name, Last name, Email, Contact number, Company name and ABN (if you’ve activated the Business to Business feature)
    • Membership: Membership number (this will only display if you’ve activated the Membership feature and can be switched On or Off per customer)
    • Delivery address: Update their address information
    • Marketing preference: If the box is ticked, they have agreed to receive marketing communications from your business
    • Change password: You can reset a customer’s password here, by either manually creating one or generating a random password.
    • Order history: This shows the customer’s order history. Click on the order number in the left column to view the status and history of the order.