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    You can make changes to the shipping region/s you create. From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Shipping’ menu item in the left hand navigation, located in the Shop Settings section.

    In ‘Manage shipping regions’ you will see a list of all your shop’s shipping regions.

    Click on a region name to edit it.

    Region Summary

    The first section you will see is the ‘Summary’

    Edit a region’s name

    To edit a region’s name, click in the field titled ‘Region name’ and enter the new name.

    Change the destinations in a region

    To change the destinations in a region:

    • Go to ‘Add the destinations in this region’ and select the drawing icon
    • A window with a list of states or territories will appear. To remove a state or territory from this region, click the tick in the box to unselect it.
    • To add a state or territory from this region, select the corresponding box.
    • Select the ‘Close’ button to apply your changes.

    Change the shipping rate for your region

    To change the shipping rate of your region, navigate to the ‘Shipping rates’ section.

    The current shipping rate will have a blue dot next to it.

    • Select the new shipping rate
    • A message from Little Big Shop will appear asking you if you are sure you want to switch to another shipping rate
    • Select ‘OK’
    • You will have to populate the required fields in the ‘Details’ section

    Local Delivery

    To edit a local delivery option, go to ‘Local Delivery’ and:

    • Click on the edit icon in the last column
    • Update the fields as necessary
    • Select ‘Apply’ on the bottom right to add these changes
    • To delete this option, select the trash can icon next to the edit icon

    Allow store pick up

    To edit the details of a store:

    • Navigate to ‘Allow store pickup’ and then ‘Pickup list’
    • Delete the store by clicking the ‘Trash’ icon to the right
    • Navigate back to ‘Allow store pickup’ and re-enter the information

    Message to customer

    To edit the message you send to a customer:

    • Navigate to the ‘Message to customer’ are on the top right of the page
    • Update your text in the box

    Don’t forget to SAVE your changes!