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    Little Big Shop offers the ability to create different regions to ship to, with the ability to select the following options for shipping rates:

    • Flat rate
    • Price-based rate
    • Free shipping
    • Weight-based rate

    You can also enable:

    • Local delivery
    • Store pick up

    You can select one shipping rate per region you create, and enable both local delivery and store pick up for this region.

    From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Shipping’ menu item in the left hand navigation, located in the Shop Settings section.

    Add new region

    On the ‘Manage shipping regions’ page, click on the ‘Add new region’ button in the top right of the page. The following fields will appear.


    • Enter the Region Name. You may want to choose a name that reflects the destinations in this region. In this example, we’ve made it ‘NSW QLD VIC’ as the shipping for these states will be the same
    • Under ‘Add the destinations in this region’, click on the edit link (pencil icon) and select the states that belong to this region, which will share the same shipping rates

    You will need to select a Shipping rate for this region and Delivery details. Read the help page  Shipping rates to find out how. You can also allow local delivery or store pick up. Read the help page Add local delivery to find out how.

    Once you have done the above, click ‘Save’ at the top right of the page to apply your changes.

    Add more than one region

    To add another region

    • Click on the ‘Back’ arrow on the top left hand side of the page or click on the ‘Shipping’ menu item in the left hand navigation in the Shop Settings section.
    • Here you will see the other region/s you have added. Click the ‘Add new region’ button and follow the steps outlined above to create a new one.