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    Accept payments

    Little Big Shop offers you a variety of ways to accept payments from your customers, and there is no limit to the payment options you can choose.

    • PayPal
    • Credit card
    • PayID
    • BPAY
    • Bank transfer

    To access and activate payment options, navigate to the ‘Shop settings’ in the main menu.

    Click on the ‘Accept payments’ navigation item.

    • You will see the payment options listed above, and that their default mode is ‘Inactive’.
    • Click on the toggle to activate an option
    • The payment option opens up to display the required information
    • Enter the information and remember to click on the ‘Save’ button on the top right of the screen.

    NOTE: If you check the ‘Member only’ checkbox underneath each section, this enables the payment option for Members Only.
    Customers who are not members of your shop will not be able to pay for their order using that option.

    * Membership is a feature which is available to customers subscribed to our Big plan. *

    Payment Terms

    If you use the BPAY or bank transfer method, you can set a time frame for when your invoices are due.

    • Enter the time frame in days in the box

    Further information for customer

    You can leave a message for your customer after they finish shopping, and on the invoice they receive.

    • Enter your message in the box
    • Edit your message with the editing tools provided


    • You will need to enter your business email address.

    Accept credit card


    To use eWAY, you need:

    • API Key
    • Password


    To use Braintree, you need:

    • Merchant Id
    • Public Key
    • Private Key


    • Enter your pay ID


    • Enter your biller code

    Accept bank transfer

    Enter the relevant information

    • Account name
    • Bank BSB
    • Account number