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There are many small business grants available to Australian small business owners.

But, many small business owners aren’t aware of these, or experience difficulty finding them. So we’ve done the groundwork for you by searching the interwebs, and have outlined what’s available to you in this post.

What is a small business grant?

Put simply, a small business grant is an amount of money a business or non-profit organisation receives that does not need to be paid back. This, in conjunction with the fact that a business only has to sacrifice their time to apply for a grant, makes them appealing.

Are there eligibility requirements?

The short answer is yes. Most have specific requirements, such as location and industry sector.

Let’s take a look at some of the places you can look for small business grants in Australia.

This is an Australian government website that allows you to search for government grants and programs by your postcode and industry. Depending on what industry you’re in, you’ll be asked to select reasons why you need assistance.

As expected, many grants have eligibility requirements, so you will need to investigate if they’re a right fit for you. Some grants or programs specify contacts you can speak to for assistance with your application.

Business Australia Grant Finder

Business Australia is an organisation that focuses on helping Australian businesses grow. One of their products available to members is the Business Grant Finder, where members can search over 1500 government grants worth nearly $40 billion! The good news is that it costs nothing to become a member.

This grant finder is more user-friendly than the government one we discussed previously. There are many options to filter your search results, and there is also a lot more information. For example, you can find supporting documentation, a difficulty rating of the application process, what level of government the grant is from, and a whole lot more. This is a big help for time poor Australian business owners.

small business grants in Australia difficulty rating


GrantGuru is another site you may find useful. It’s very similar to the Business Australia grant finding tool, however you can also search for community grants.

Applying for a small business grant in Australia

After you have figured out which one to apply for, you will need to go through the application process, which will vary for each grant. Some things you need to consider:

Business Documentation

Have your business plan, work plan and a thorough explanation of your business’s history ready.

Timing is key

It’s best to apply as soon as possible. Get your ducks in a row so that you can submit your application when the grant opens. By doing so, you may face less competition.

Make each application unique

If you’re applying for a few grants, make sure your applications aren’t all the same. Tailor your application for the grant objectives.

Should I hire a professional?

Applying for some grants are complex and more time consuming than others. If you require help, then it’s probably worth looking into hiring a consultant to assist you in writing your application. The Grants Hub has a list of grant writers who can help.

If you’re new to the world of small business grants, we hope we’ve given you a bit of help on how to apply and secure funding for your small business.

To discover some more recent small business grants, check out this blog post: “The best Aussie small business grants and programs”

And finally – good luck!

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