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In today’s economic landscape, Aussie small businesses play a crucial role in fostering innovation, creating employment opportunities and driving local economies.

With the rising cost of living, small business grants have never been such a great resource – with the ability to help businesses thrive. Read on to discover some of the most prominent and beneficial Aussie small business grants, based on your state or territory.

New South Wales: NSW Storm and Flood Disaster Recovery Small Business Grant

Was your small biz impacted by the storms and floods, between August and September 2022? Then you have until the end of the year to apply for this grant, which will provide you with funding of up to $50,000. These funds can be used to cover any costs including paying tradespeople, cleaners, or replacing damaged inventory. Apply here to one of the best Aussie small business grants!

Victoria: Ready for Growth Program

Are you a small business with more than four employees and less than 200, based in Victoria? Then why not nominate your Aussie small business for the Ready for Growth program! The initiative gives you access to 14 hours of tailored advice from an industry expert, to help you achieve growth. Your assigned expert can also help you apply for relevant small business grants, and advocate for your position in a grant. Apply here by the 1st of June 2024!

South Australia: Small Business Industry Support Grant

Were you recently effected by the River Murray Floods, and have you seen a downturn of 30% or more in revenue as a result? Then you have until the 31st of December to apply for the Small Business Industry Support Grant! The grant – which can be as high as $10,000, can be used to pay for utilities, rent and staff salaries, financial advice and marketing and communications. Apply now by clicking this link, and watch your small business recover from the River Murray Floods.

Tasmania: Small Business Advice and Financial Guidance Program

With this program, your Aussie small business will benefit from up to $1500 worth of consulting, to aid in business recovery transition, growth or application of any other services. If you have less than 19 employees and operate mainly in Tasmania, apply today!

Western Australia: AgriFood and Beverage Voucher Program

Are you a business selling food or beverage, based in Western Australia? Then check out the AgriFood and Beverage Voucher Program! If you are selected for the program, you will receive up to $20,000 in vouchers for one or more of the following: business planning, preparing for business growth, marketing, financial health and environmental sustainability. This grant is the perfect opportunity for more established businesses to grow in the industry, but be sure to apply by the 4th of December to be considered.

Australia-wide: NewAccess for Small Business Owners

Running a small business can be overwhelming. That’s why Beyond Blue is offering free and confidential mental health support and coaching to small business owners. The opportunity is open to anyone who owns a small business – including sole traders – from any industry, as long as they’re 18 or older. Learn more about the program here.

Small businesses across Australia can benefit significantly from the grants and programs run by state and territory governments. From initiatives assisting in natural disasters, to programs that provide consulting – there is bound to be a small business grant or program that’s the perfect fit for you! To discover more opportunities, visit

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