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July luggage:
An ecommerce vision crafted by two Aussies.

In the bustling streets of Collingwood, Victoria, two friends – Richard Li and Athan Didaskalou – found themselves contemplating business ideas over coffee. Their quest was to unearth an e-commerce venture with transformative potential and little did they know, they were about to revolutionise the online retail landscape.

The idea for July was born out of a desire to solve a problem. Li and Didaskalou observed the lack of options in the luggage market, where consumers were forced to choose between cheap, low-quality bags or exorbitantly priced luxury items.

With this insight, they set out to redefine the online shopping experience by offering premium-quality luggage at an affordable price point.

Designing for Innovation

Armed with a clear vision, Li and Didaskalou embarked on a journey of digital innovation. They immersed themselves in extensive market research, analysing thousands of customer reviews to identify pain points in the luggage industry. One issue stood out above all others – the inadequacy of conventional suitcase wheels. Undeterred, they allocated a significant portion of their budget to develop their own proprietary wheel design: the SilentMove 360° spinner wheels.

This innovative feature, with its double wheel system and lifetime warranty, set July apart from the competition.

athan didaskalou july luggage ecommerce

Setting up ecommerce and stores

Recognising the power of online retail, Li and Didaskalou strategically positioned July as a digital-first brand. Since entering the online market in 2019 and overcoming COVID hurdles, the luggage brand July has been growing rapidly.

As July began to take shape, Li and Didaskalou knew they needed a flagship store to showcase their products and connect with customers on a personal level. The vibrant James St district in Queensland proved to be the perfect location for their second store, offering a premier spot amidst a hub of style and travel.

July currently has many stores across Australia and around the world.

Partnering with champions

One of July’s proudest moments came when they became the official partner of the Australian Olympic team for the 2024 Paris Olympics. What started as a humble email from a satisfied customer, led to a prestigious collaboration that showcased July’s commitment to excellence and innovation on a global stage.

July luggage ecommerce

Looking to the future

As July continues to evolve and grow, Li and Didaskalou are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. With plans to expand into the UK market and a dedication to hiring top talent, they are confident that July will continue to thrive as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the world of luggage.

In just a few short years, July has transformed from a simple idea into a global success story. With a strong focus on new ideas and making top-notch products, Li and Didaskalou haven’t just made luggage – they’ve made something that travellers will use for a long time.

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