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In the realm of small business success stories, Kristy Chong’s journey stands as a testament to determination, and taking the leap to create something that you’re passionate about.

As the founder of Modibodi, she has redefined the concept of underwear, swimwear and activewear. Chang has altered the industry with products that not only provide comfort but also empowers women across the globe.

Kristy Chong Modibodi

Kristy’s Vision

Modibodi has humble beginnings, with Kristy Chong’s dedication to solving the shared discomfort of uncomfortable underwear and feminine products. The mum of four – armed with a vision to create period-friendly underwear – embarked on a mission that redefined the apparel industry.

Modibodi’s success

Modibodi’s story begins in 2011, when Kristy had the idea to create leak-proof underwear for menstruation and incontinence. This led Kristy to invest $50,000 of her money – from her mortgage – to put the idea in production.

For over a year, prototypes were tested, and in 2013, Modibodi became the first brand selling leak-free underwear online. As a result, the product range expanded over the next four years, and in 2017, swimwear was introduced to Modibodi. Between 2018 and now, Modibodi was introduced to the UK and Europe – and ranges for men and children were released.


In 2012, Swedish health and hygiene company, Essity, acquired Modibodi for $140 million. Kristy is still honoured as the founder of Modibodi, with a page dedicated to her story on the Modibodi website.

What sets Kristy apart as a small business owner turned entrepreneur, is her commitment to women’s health and wellness. As an Aussie entrepreneur, Kristy Chong’s story inspires budding business owners to pursue their passions. Her success shows just how far identifying gaps in the market and taking a risk can get you.

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