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Whether you’re a fiery Aries, a practical Virgo, your star sign can tell you what you should sell as a small business owner.

There are two types of people: those who are really into their star sign, and those who aren’t. If you fall into the first category, have you ever wondered which products or services align with your astrological sign?

In this blog, we’ll explore the unique characteristics and preferences of each zodiac sign, and suggest you can take on as a small business owner, that align with your cosmic destiny.

Aries: Unique Jewellery

Aries are known for standing out and being unique. If you’re an Aries, an online jewellery business is perfect for you to channel your creativity and sense of style. Starting an online jewellery business allows you to either hand-make stock yourself, or you can buy stock from a wholesaler.

There are many national and international wholesalers to choose from. They often require you to apply for an account, which will give you access to their exclusive pricing. An Australian example is DPI Jewellery (

Taurus: Hand-Made Soaps

Taurean’s are all about comfort, feeling fresh and comfortable – so making hand-made soaps is a natural fit! The low-tox trend is big, and consumers are opting for products with minimal toxins. Soaps made of natural, high-quality ingredients, unique scents and eye-catching designs are a great option to appeal to these health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers.

Gemini: Bobble Heads

We’ve all heard the stereotype that Geminis are two faced – so why not start a business based off that? Custom bobble heads; such as whimsical figurines are popular options for gifts, keepsakes and novelty items.

star sign small business owner handmade soaps
star sign small business owner knitted blankets

Cancer: Knitted Blankets

In the Southern Hemisphere, Cancers are born in the middle of winter. Cancerian or not, we all love getting cosy in warm, knitted blankets.

The handmade trend is as popular as ever, so you could try dabbling in selling handmade knits, or items that look like they could be handmade. Think crochet blankets made with threads of varying sizes, and look for unique colour combinations to make your products stand out.

Leo: Skincare

Leos are known to be a little vain and confident, so high-quality skincare products could be a good option. Use premium formulations to make the best products that create visible improvements in your skin.

Virgo: Bath Bombs

Virgos are humble and artistic – creating and selling bath bombs online would be perfect for them! As bath bombs are known to promote self-care and relaxation, clearly communicate the benefits and ingredients to potential customers. Some of the benefits worth promoting are relaxing aromas, nourishing oils, or skin-friendly ingredients.

Libra: Pottery

Libras love balance and anything aesthetically pleasing, and we think creating pottery would be right down their alley! Communicate with your clientele to create stunning and unique custom bowls, mugs, and plates, as well as decorative pottery like vases and sculptures. Offering excellent customer service, maintaining quality standards, and continuously developing new pottery designs can help you stand out.

star sign small business owner pottery
star sign small business owner candles

Scorpio: Candles

Scorpio’s love the finer things in life – and burning candles is a bit of a luxury. If this is something you’ve wanted to do for a while, think about sourcing high-quality materials, such as wax, wicks, fragrances and containers. Regularly improving and expanding different candles based on customer feedback can help you remain competitive in the online marketplace.

Sagittarius: Personalised Greeting Cards

The average Sagittarius is extremely friendly, happy and charming. If this is you, have you thought of selling hand-crafted, personalised greeting cards? They are a great way to show your affectionate side, and help others express theirs.

Capricorn: Scarves

Capricorns are known for making hard work look effortless. That’s why we think they should sell knitted scarves. With the dedication of a Capricorn, you’d be sure to produce high quality knits that leave a lasting impression.

Aquarius: Hand-Made Notebooks

Aquarians are the most creative of the signs – it’s no wonder we recommend them to sell hand-made notebooks. The creative business venture offers unique options for customers who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of handmade goods. With attention to detail in materials, design and binding, along with effective marketing strategies, a handmade notebook business can attract customers who value the charm and individuality of handmade stationery.

Pisces: Custom Photo Albums

Pisces are sensitive people in touch with their emotions, so we think they should give selling memorabilia a go. Whether it’s selling baby albums, wedding scrapbooks or even wishing wells for weddings, it remains a huge market in Australia. Opportunities extend to creating hampers and gift boxes of keepsake items, nursery decor and baby milestone products, as well as wedding favours.

star sign small business owner

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