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Saunders has reshaped the landscape of Aussie fashion with her viral store, FAYT the label

In the fashion world, where creativity and innovation intertwine, some individuals stand out not just for their designs, but for their vision behind creating products their target market love. Brittney Saunders, the visionary founder of FAYT the Label, has done just that – read on to discover how.

FAYT the Label

The beginning

In 2017, Brittney Saunders started her online business – FAYT the Label – in response to a noticeable gap in the market for garments crafted with consideration for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

FAYT the Label, from its conception, has been committed to size inclusivity and producing timeless pieces, whilst embracing sustainable practices.

brittney saunders size inclusivity

The first store

FAYT began as an online business, operating from a warehouse and head office. During its initial years, FAYT lacked a physical storefront. That changed in December 2019 when they opened their first store below their head office in Newcastle – a “fluke” according to Saunders – as the FAYT team needed to fill the space with inventory.

Brittney shared what the first day running the store was like, claiming:

“I was so scared, and I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t even sure if anyone was going to show up, but we served around 30 customers on our first day here back in 2019, and we made just under $5000. So, after that, I was like, hey, maybe I can do this.”

Brittney Saunders

Saunders initially anticipated to only open just one store, but less than five years later, she has opened four around Australia.

fayt the label size inclusivity

Size inclusivity

Saunders’ vision extends beyond sustainability – FAYT the Label values size inclusivity. FAYT is dedicated to creating fashion that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. FAYT the Label stock clothing from size 6 through to 26, ensuring everyone who tries on their clothing, feels confident and comfortable.

As a female entrepreneur, Saunders is passionate about empowering women through fashion. FAYT the Label serves as a platform for self-expression and confidence, encouraging women to embrace their uniqueness and redefine societal beauty standards. This essentially established FAYT’s size inclusivity as their unique selling point and is what helped grow the brand.


With the growth of FAYT the label, Saunders went on to design and stock new high-quality labels. These brands include FORM ACTIVE by FAYT the Label, and STAPLE SWIM by FAYT the Label. Like FAYT, both the activewear and swimwear labels stock sizes 6 to 26, and prioritise size inclusivity.

Social media and podcasts

Although Saunders embarked on her influencer journey six years ago, she now predominantly shares content on YouTube, where she has amassed over one million subscribers, as well as on TikTok and Instagram.

With over 600K followers on Instagram, and more than 400K on TikTok, she’s known for her witty persona, putting on a comedic, “passive-aggressive” character as she packs parcels, and vlogs herself giving online shoppers awesome freebies.

Saunders recently gained success as a podcaster, discussing all-things pop culture and her experience as a small biz success story, on “High Scrollers.” Just a few weeks ago, Saunders also announced her newest podcast that’s all about her experience starting 6 self funded businesses under 30, called “Big Business.”

Brittney Saunders big business

The future

As Fayt the Label continues to flourish, Saunders remains steadfast in her dedication to sustainability, inclusivity and female empowerment. With each collection, she pushes the boundaries of ethical fashion, proving that style and sustainability can coexist harmoniously – which all sizes can appreciate with FAYT the Label’s size inclusivity.

In the ever-evolving world of Australian fashion, Brittney Saunders’ commitment to sustainability, size inclusivity and empowerment, shows that we’re moving towards a brighter future in the fashion world. With the continual growth of FAYT the Label, and Saunders’ wins on social media and as a podcaster – she’s earned the title of a small business success story.

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