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Develop an
marketing strategy

If you are relying solely on eCommerce and not on a physical location, then developing an eCommerce marketing strategy is imperative!

ecommerce marketing strategy

My business plan, legals and accounting are done,
what's next?

Prior to launching your site, it’s important to understand how you’re going to drive traffic to your website and either get leads or online sales.

The best way to do this is to work through an eCommerce marketing plan (you can also use a standard marketing plan template). Check out this resource for a Marketing Plan template and guide.

It's best to take an integrated approach to marketing

By working through a marketing plan or engaging with a marketing agency, you should really look at how you can optimise all the marketing channels (i.e. your website, social, email, ads etc.,) through utilising a creative approach that clearly communicates your products or services. By taking an integrated approach you are optimising your resources. It may be more time and budget but overall it boosts your likelihood of conversion.

EDMs are still very effective!

Today most people dismiss email marketing, however, if you develop a solid database then email marketing can be the most effective way to communicate. It’s an audience that is already engaged, has had some form of contact with your brand and is open to hearing about any offers or new products you may have.

Content is king, so blog!

Being a business owner usually makes you a subject matter expert. Why not write about your experiences, or give some handy tips? A blog post is a great way to keep the content on your website fresh, as well as give your brand a human face and/or voice.

blogging strategy


What is an eCommerce marketing Strategy

An eCommerce marketing strategy should include different channels including social media, email marketing and search engine optimisation.

Is social media marketing an effective way to boost traffic to my store?

Yes. An effective way of driving traffic to your ecommerce store is through social media. You should create an account on the main platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Additionally you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts to your Little Big Shop!

What are the benefits of sharing content to social media?

Sharing relevant content on a regular basis helps build awareness about your brand, remind existing followers about you, connect with your audience and last but not least, promote what you have to offer.

Creating a content calendar to identify when your posts are scheduled is a great way to visually see how you are sharing a mixture of posts.

What is an EDM?

EDM’s is just another way to say email marketing.

How can learn about email marketing for my business?

Subscribe to your competitors mailing list to see how they’re doing their email marketing, as well as check out other marketing emails you may subscribe to.

The sorts of things you need to consider is the messaging, frequency of emails you want to send out, design, and most importantly, CTA’s – a call to action to make someone click a link, submit a form or make a phone call!

Should I update my website regularly?

Definitely! At minimum update your banners and call to actions with the latest deals, promotions or campaign. If you want to get a little more involved why not change it up a bit? Give your site a refreshing new design, update any images and content. A mini makeover always helps you feel that little bit more alive.

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