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Design a logo

A logo is part of your visual identity. At the basic level, you can develop a logo or at the maximum you can build out an entire brand guide which includes a complete colour palette as well as execution of the brand across different marketing communication formats.

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What do I need to consider with a logo?

Your company or brand’s logo allows others to instantly recognise who you are! Think about it as the ‘face’ of your business. Get inspiration from what’s out in the marketplace, research your competitors, give it meaning and make it unique.

Also, remember the five characteristics of a good logo:

Simple, Scalable, Memorable, Versatile, Relevant
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Develop a logo for free

Design a logo yourself! If you consider yourself to be a bit creative and have access to vector-based software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, there’s no reason why you can’t try your hand at creating a logo. It’s a good idea to start with some hand-drawn sketches before attempting a digital version.

Alternatively, Canva is a website that provides free graphic-design tools. You can create your logo from a variety of free, pre-populated templates.

Outsource logo design to a reputable brand agency

Brand experts, creative directors and graphic designers are all specialists that can help you with your brand development and initially starting with your logo.

Specialists and agencies do vary in price and it is important to understand that low cost logo design can seem appealing initially, but once your business grows, you will most likely outgrow the initial design.

The benefit of investing in a good brand approach early is that you can get a brand you are proud of that lasts and can even get some creative strategy work that can provide you with clear direction from the get go and save you in the long term.

Do a search on Google for ‘logo design’, or you can try websites like Freelancer.


What file formats do I need for my logo?

The most common file formats requested for a logo are: Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file, editable PDF file, PNG file, JPG File.

Why do I need my logo in vector format?

Having a logo in vector format means that the file is lossless. This means that you can scale that logo file to almost any physical size and it will still be sharp and clear.

This is great for when you’re business is huge and your logo is featured on a massive billboard or on the side of a bus!

Social media logos are small, what do I do about that?

A reputable agency will price up various options for your logo approach. At minimum they should consider a ‘favicon’ for your website and ‘social profile image’ for your various social media accounts and provide these to you.

These will most likely be a variant of the logo and may not include the full logo (i.e. maybe a alphanumeric character or recognisable element from the logo).

What colours should I use for my logo?

Colours consideration should include usage on a screen, in print and also a grayscale version. Because of the nature of printing, the colours used will be in CMYK format whereas for screen they will be RGB. What is optimal for screen is not necessarily optimal for print and vice versa.

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