Helping small business
achieve big things.

Our mission is to enable small business to compete in a global marketplace, by providing the simplest way to create a website and sell online.

A Little Of Our Story

Small business champion

At Little Big Shop, we get that starting and operating a small business isn’t necessarily easy!
We ourselves are a small business of creative designers, tech heads and some marketing people – who are really just a few mums, a couple of dads and some budding entrepreneurs that get the challenges and obstacles that small businesses have with getting online, especially with websites.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple!

To enable small business to compete in a global marketplace by providing the simplest way to create a website and sell online with a great experience.
Little Big Shop was designed to help business owners develop and grow their online website/shops, build a customer database, help generate an income and achieve their business goals for themselves, their families and communities.
We love working with passionate small businesses to transform ideas into online success stories.

Our values


We believe in creating an Australian small business community that helps to support each other, encourages learning and problem solving.


We value a better experience for small business owners who want to get online and make online sales. Our aim is to keep it simple every step of the way.

Tech Innovation

We’re always on the lookout to provide the best solution for you – as you grow, we will provide you with the tools & resources to help you on your way.

We care

Being an Australian company, we believe in a fair go and care about the wellness of communities and families. We also want to give back to the causes we care about.