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    Tour the dashboard

    Once you have successfully logged in to Little Big Shop, you will be taken to the admin dashboard.
    This is your shop’s control centre, where you manage all aspects of your online shop – from customising the website design to confirming shipping options, adding products, managing orders, payment options and more.

    Before you start selling on Little Big Shop, you’ll need to enter some information about you and your store including some business details, shipping and how you’ll accept payment.

    The anatomy of the dashboard

    1. The Little Big Shop logo will take you to the admin dashboard.
    2. These menu items navigate to the various tools you’ll need to create and manage your shop, products, customers and orders, as well as build your website. Note: Some features (such as Customers) are only available if you upgrade to a higher plan.
    3. Your shop logo: This will reflect the logo you upload in Global styles.
    4. Open Orders: this number represents your new/open orders, which are orders that haven’t been marked as dispatched, cancelled, returned or archived. Clicking on the number will take you to your open orders.
    5. This week’s orders: these are the orders that have come through in the past 7 days, that haven’t been actioned as yet (e.g. marked as dispatched). Clicking on this number will take you to your open orders for the past week.
    6. Products: this is the total number of products you currently have added to your shop. Clicking on this will take you to the ‘Search Products’ page.
    7. Go to your shop : clicking here will open a new tab and navigate to your online shop. This is the view that the public sees.
    8. Help: opens up a dropdown menu links to various ‘How to’ articles. You can also open up a tour of the dashboard.
    9. Profile: Click on the arrow to open up a dropdown menu which gives you the option of navigating to ‘My Account‘ which is where you can update your profile and account settings, ‘Subscription‘ which details what plan you’re on and ‘Billing and invoices‘ which is where you enter payment details and view billing history. You can also view Little Big Shop’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Logout via this menu item.
    10. This line indicates what plan you’re currently on. If you’re still in the free trial period, it will notify you on how many days you have remaining.
    11. The ‘Upgrade‘ link takes you to the ‘Subscription’ page where you can select a plan and then enter billing details.
    12. The Sponsored column displays our partners.
    13. This section gives you some information and shortcut links to some of the main steps involved in setting up your website and shop. A green tick will appear once you have visited that section and made an update.