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“All-in-one” platforms these days tend to include hosting, a website builder, important website functionality and – in some cases – a built-in payment system. Most of the time, you’ll need to link your online store to a third-party payment processor. With Little Big Shop, you can create your own online business with all these tools at your fingertips – everything in one!

It’s a no-brainer to accept mobile payments on your eCommerce app or website. However, with so many services to choose from, finding the appropriate one for your company can be difficult.

It used to be that deciding how your small business handled payments was simple: cash, cheques and credit cards via a merchant account and you were done. While the digital revolution has given customers more payment options, it has also made the process significantly more difficult for merchants, particularly small business and online retailers.


PayPal is a well-known brand, and for good reason. It’s instantly recognisable and your consumers will feel secure when they use it. PayPal Payments Standard is simple to use, with no setup or cancellation costs, a clear transaction dashboard and support for over 25 currencies from over 200 countries and marketplaces.
The only possible drawback? It directs customers away from your site in order for them to complete their transaction. However, if this is a major concern, PayPal Payments Pro should be considered.


Stripe is another popular online payment option that keeps your clients on-site, unlike PayPal Payments Standard (for free).

It’s not as simple to set up as PayPal, and integrating it requires more web development abilities. However, if you have the funds, you may just pay a developer to assist you.


Looking for a straightforward approach? Then Adyen is an excellent choice, as it offers a single solution for payment processing on any device. It can work with a variety of local payment methods throughout the world to ensure that business customers may always make a transaction in the way that is most convenient for them.


eWAY is a secure and dependable payment processing service for businesses all around the world.
Being merchant-centric implies that eWAY is committed to providing the finest solution for the business while also maintaining a smooth customer transaction procedure. They’re also a member of the Global Payments system.


SecurePay is designed to put a company’ mind at ease when using their payment platform, with capabilities ranging from Advanced Fraud Detection to Parcel Delivery.

To use their platform, you can choose between payment methods that interact with your online shopping cart, regular direct debit payments, and even bill payments. Most importantly, it’s a safe platform that will provide you more piece of mind.


EziDebit is a trusted payment gateway that can grow with your company, no matter how big or little it is. It is well-known for its versatility, as it provides a wide range of services to businesses of different sizes.

Its administration system is simple and intuitive, with secure integration and is tailored specifically for eCommerce firms. EziDebit doesn’t have a set pricing structure; instead, it adapts to the demands of the consumer.

Merchant Warrior

Merchant Warrior is an Australian payment service that offers everything from credit card and ACH (eCheck) processing to enhanced security and transaction screening, as well as 24/7 assistance. Merchant Warrior’s catchphrase is “extraordinary,” and they use it to describe every aspect of their payment solutions.